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the royal treatment
By Arlene Batchelder 3 May 2005

These days most airlines have downsized their services during flights. On some airlines one has to either buy food in flight or pack a bag lunch. If they do serve food it is not up to the same standards as they were 10 years ago. And they use plastic utensils. Some airlines even charge for drinks other than coffee, tea or a few select soft drinks. So when we booked our 40th anniversary trip to TZ and Kenya our expectations for airline service were not high.

But, we flew Northwest which is partnered with KLM and that made all the difference. We had the "royal treatment". In coach class we got hot disposable towels before meals. The delicious meals came with real silverware. We were offered wine, free. We even had an ice cream snack while flying over the Sahara. While changing flights in Amsterdam, after seeing the lovery tulip fields in bloom, we had a 4 hour layover. In the airport we found some really comfortable lounge type chairs that were used for sleeping. That was really relaxing after being cramped in an airline seat.

It was a little different arriving in Arusha and deplaning on a set of stairs rolled out on the tarmack. But since there was only one other plane in the whole airport, it was not crowded and it was nice to get a breath of fresh air when we stepped out.

After getting our visa's and picking up the luggage with absolutly no hassel we had a surprize waiting for us. There were a group of young locals in national dress doing a dance and singng. It was colorful and a nice welcome. Of course we knew it wasn't for us but for the large tour group from Barcelona who were on the same plane. They were still in getting thier luggage while we were watching the show. It was all part of the royal treatment.
the royal treatment - tanzania