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don't worry - we've got eyeballs
By Dennis Batchelder 19 August 2000

hi guys:

flying in and out of the east coast the last few days was a bit traumatic. there's been some storms parked over new jersey, and this has caused all kinds of delays and cancellations in the entire mid-atlantic region.

last sunday, i had to take a last minute business trip to israel. after driving to the airport, i discovered that the flight from bwi to newark nj was cancelled, and there was no way i was going to make the connection. no other flights were getting in to newark, it was too late to drive there, and the train wouldn't make it on time. so i was rescheduled for the same flight the next day.

i drove back monday night, and found out that the flight was delayed. i was going to miss my connection again, because it was not scheduled to leave balitmore until after my connecting flight left newark. i decided to ask at the gate if there were any alternative flights.

the lady at the counter was apologetic, but not very helpful. all flights into newark were either delayed or cancelled. she suggested that i look at alternative routes to israel, and began searching. all of a sudden she broke out in a big smile, and said to me "you don't have to worry, sir - WE'VE GOT EYEBALLS."

i was glad that she had eyeballs. maybe they would help her read her computer screen so she could find me a route to israel. maybe the pilot would have eyeballs too, and it would help him find his way into newark. i guess my thoughts were getting just a wee bit sarcastic, but my own eyeballs were getting pretty tired of seeing delays and cancellations on the flight status board.

but then what did my eyeballs see? a miracle! our flight was back on time, and they started boarding the plane. we left on schedule, and as we flew, the pilot explained the eyeballs to us: at the last moment, our flight was chosen to deliver two human eyes, fresh out of a donor, and ready for transplantation into a lucky recipient. since the recipient was prepped and waiting on some new jersey operating table, our flight was cleared through to newark with no delays.

the flight was pretty rough: the eyes had to be delivered on time, so the pilot couldn't fly around the storm. a few people got sick from all the bumps, but we made it to the gate early, and i made my connection to israel.

(i couldn't make up my mind which ending was less corny, so you can read them all and decide for yourself...)

  1. the eyes had it
  2. our flight attendant was easy on the eyes
  3. delivering the vision keeps you on schedule
  4. an extra set of eyes helps get the job done dennis


don't worry - we've got eyeballs - usa