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leaving germany
By Dennis Batchelder 8 January 1999

Hi guys:

Well, we're leaving Germany (and our fast Internet connection behind). This part of the trip has been solid work: we've been busy around the clock preparing a presentation, giving it, preparing a demonstration, and giving that. We were at the office until 2:45AM German time last night.

Today we head out through Austria, to visit Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic over the next four days. I haven't been successful locating an Internet connection in Slovakia, so probably no more emails or stories until Tuesday night. Unless we get lucky and stumble across an Internet cafe - you never know these days.

Dan and I are setting out from south of Frankfurt to go through Munich, then on through Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Vienna. From Vienna, it's a 1 hour drive to Bratislava. If we leave soon, we'll get there by 11:00 PM (or earlier - I'm inspired by the driving here). That is, if we don't hit snow. Right now, it's in the Carpathian mountains (east of today's trip). We stopped at the market and stocked up on bread and nutella, plus diet coke. that should last us!

Talk to you all later...

Dennis and Dan


leaving germany - germany