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fahrts and muzik
By Dennis Batchelder 13 January 1999

-- warning --

we've been up all night (no hotels were available in Frankfurt, so we hung out at the airport). consequently, our judgement on what should be included in this email is a bit poor.

this means that the following email is of a topic for a mature audience only. it has not been "cleaned up". If you think you're gonna get disgusted, stop reading now.

-- warning --

Don't say I didn't warn you!


Well, we made it safely back to Frankfurt, for the last leg of the journey home. We fly out in an hour, and will be back in our respective homes by 7:30 tonight. Yeah! We are very homesick, and looking forward to a good reunion.

About fahrts. In Germany, fahrt means "trip". An exit off the Autobahn is called an "Ausfahrt". Sounds like a rude Austrian to me. And an entrance to a parking lot is "Einfahrt". And - my personal favorite - when you tell someone to have a good trip, you tell them "gute fahrt". Oh yeah. If someone tells that to me, I clear the area!

We really had a gute fahrt. And our car experienced many gute fahrts as well. something about eastern european food, we think.

And muzik? That's German for music. There's this special local dish in Weinheim called "Kase mit musik". What they serve is Cheese with Onions. Since Onions give you gas, they call it "music". Hence, it's "Cheese with Music".


to those of you who got all excited and skipped to the bottom to see the "really good stuff", sorry to disappoint you. just a lot of hot air :-)


fahrts and muzik - germany